Battle Tanks: Legends of World War II

Are you ready to become a legend of the World War II?

Lots of legendary tanks and historical battlefields awaits the Commander who decides the outcome of history in a tank battle! Create clans, unite in a platoons and stand against enemies as a single armored tank fist!

Battle Tanks is a free online game for those who want to immerse themselves in World War II legends about tank aces.

Increase the stocks!

Dear players, you have the opportunity to choose a nice gift for yourself in our new in-game store. It can be unit, gold, premium account and much more.

Gold 33 000

Having bought 33 000 gold, you can:
  • buy premium vehicles;
  • purchase premium account;
  • buy new equipment for vehicles;
  • purchase high-power shells;
  • create your own team;
All purchases are made in the game through the player's personal cabinet.